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We take a holistic approach to cybersecurity. Our expert advisors partner with you to design the best strategy to manage your risks, secure your assets and meet compliance obligations.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) issued the (Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Standards) to safeguard electrical systems in 2003. In 2006, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved the CIP Cyber Security Standards making them mandatory and enforceable across all users, owners and operators of the bulk-power system (BPS). Failure to take the necessary security precautions exposes your electric cooperative to greater risks and huge regulatory fines of up to $1,000,000 per day.


For the responsible entities, determining their risks and security threats can be difficult. In addition, the frequent revisions to the CIP Standards and the differing implications it presents, makes it increasingly difficult to constantly stay abreast of, interpret, and then comply with these revisions.

NERCIPher has the knowledge and expertise to prepare your organization for the (NERC or FERC) audit or to assess your environment and produce a Report of Compliance (RoC). We are a full-service Cybersecurity Assessor and Advisory company that helps entities meet CIP cybersecurity compliance requirements.

With a solid foundation and the required skills and resources, NERCIPher will identify, assess, and recommend protections for your critical assets to help you achieve your CIP compliance goals. Our Assessor and Advisory services focus on Education and Awareness, Risk Management and Advisory, Policy and Planning, Security Consulting and Implementation Services.


We collaborate with your team of professionals…

To ensure the security of the interconnected Bulk Electric System (BES), through effective and efficient compliance monitoring and enforcement strategies.

What Drives Us

The NERCIPher team is responsible for long-term strategy and business solutions providing advice and leveraging technology advancements while steering our clients through business transformations.

With many years of combined industry experience, the NERCIPher team are recognized thought-leaders with decades of experience in professional service areas such as risk and program management, audit, and cybersecurity implementations. We have a passion to help organizations strategize, analyze, and comply with regulatory requirements to protect their reputation. Our integrated yet collaborative approach is applied while delivering a broad range of proactive advisory services to help our clients manage their evolving cybersecurity and risk landscape and achieve their goals. We work with all levels of your organization to implement security strategies, offer advisory services and apply comprehensive policies and procedures tailored to the unique needs of your environment.

NERCIPher Assessor and Advisory Practice focuses on Education and Awareness, Risk Management and Advisory, Policy and Planning, and Security Consulting and Implementation Services.

What We Provide

NERCIPher’s Assessor and Advisory Practice focuses on Education and Awareness, Risk Advisory, Strategy, Policy and Planning, Security Consulting and Implementation.

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Education and Awareness

All staff who interact with BES Cyber Systems require both Security Awareness Training and Cybersecurity Training appropriate to their roles. Additionally, building a dedicated compliance team that has a full understanding of how each reliability standard impacts their job and affects the organization is imperative. Our education and awareness programs include knowledge precisely tailored to the distinctive cybersecurity needs of the critical infrastructure industry and goes beyond compliance by helping to change user behavior and reduce risks identified in the CIP training requirements. We utilize a proven framework that addresses each training requirement and provides an opportunity for entities to train on their own cybersecurity policies.

Risk Management and Advisory

Risk management is not a product to purchase or a policy to put in place, but a combination of business processes that must be performed on an ongoing basis. To adhere to NERC CIP regulatory requirements, it is critical for an organization to continuously examine the risks and security objectives within its business environment, and systematically build protection into the way it operates. Our systematic, comprehensive approach to risk management is an overall model for enterprise risk management that identifies security-related business processes that must be built-in and provides guidance on security objectives, security posture, and security architecture alternatives.

Policy and Planning

Depending on the size of the entity and their human resource needs, it is advantageous for them to implement a robust, holistic, and company-wide cybersecurity policy that meets NERC CIP reliability standards. Entities must change their mindset from passively integrating cybersecurity measures into processes to formulate widespread procedures that are integrated into everything they do. Our Policy and Planning Services ensure the building blocks of a sound security program are well documented, implemented and enforced and use a system of records designed for total visibility and quick, visualized policy testing.

Security Consulting and Implementation

To achieve compliance with NERC CIP, entities are required to undergo periodic assessments, self-report the documentation of their findings and deficiencies identified in past audits, and then implement an action plan to strengthen the functionality of their critical infrastructure. Our risk-based approach is utilized to automatically identify critical infrastructure vulnerabilities throughout your enterprise, protect your cyber assets, assess and report on the effectiveness of your controls against industry standards, and give you customized priorities for moving toward an improved security posture to meet your compliance requirements.


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NERCIPher was founded by industry leaders with decades of experience in enterprise risk management, IT audit, cybersecurity implementations, professional services and program management who have a passion to help organizations.

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